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Injection Molding & Integrated Scientific Solutions

High Speed Data Acquisition

  • Using external high speed data acquisition to "center" the process and develop the largest process window, sensitivities in the process that have the most effect on part quality can be understood, modified, and controlled more efficiently. Hawk associates have worked with industry-leading data acquisition equipment manufacturers to design, develop, and test equipment produced specifically for the molding industry.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Hawk applies statistical Design of Experiments methods in conjunction with high-speed data acquisition to efficiently determine the sensitivities that affect part quality in an injection molding process. This is the basis of our quality approach: Quality gates applied early in the process will eliminate inspection needs downstream. While the industry typically relies on Statistical Process Control (SPC), we at Hawk refer to our approach as "On-line Statistical Quality Control" (OSQC). This approach allows us to statistically determine the dimensions of a part without ever physically measuring the part. 

Cavity Pressure Sensing

  • Pressure sensing transducers placed in the cavity of a tool can be used to monitor the pressure drop (Delta P) across the part geometry during the fill, pack, and hold phase of the molding process. This gives an immediate and clear picture of process repeatability and part quality in the mold. (OEM's are requesting this technology, but there remains little understanding in the industry). Hawk associates have used this technology for over a decade, and have developed comprehensive, robust processes for the efficient use of cavity pressure sensors.
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