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Injection Molding & Integrated Scientific Solutions

Material Characterization Services by Hawk Integrated PlasticsThe Material Characterization Laboratory provides a unique capability of our company that serves two main functions.  It supports the test capabilities necessary for addressing internal QA/QC issues and process R&D functions for our company.

The laboratory also prides itself in serving as an independent testing facility for external customers who have testing needs that are not readily available to them. 

Our staff provides many years of experience in problem solving and added support to our valued customers. 

Specialty Areas

  • Development of separation science technology when applied to organics including polymerics and inorganics.
  • Service work (diverse applications) routine and experimental.
  • Material Failure Analysis
  • Analytical protocol development for quality control/ quality assurance (QC/QA).
  • Product specification compliance and analysis.
  • Analytical chemistry.
  • Validation studies that abide by GLP, GMP or ISO guidelines for release specifications of additives or other products.
  • Development and analysis of process control parameters.  Correlation studies between specific component concentrations via one or more chemical or engineering factors or procedures.
  • Product deformulation.
  • Investigative “good” versus “bad” studies.
  • Kinetic studies contained in fluid sample matrices.
  • Basic research and development supporting product development culminating in written drafts for patent applications or provisional patent disclosures.
  • Analytical studies - BAC accepts analytical studies that have short, medium or long-term durations.
  • Litigation Support and Patent Infringement

We offer state-of-the-art equipment for your analysis needs.

Full listing of Hawk's Material Identification, Quantitation and Qualification capabilities


 Complete Deformulation and Patent Infringement Work:

  • Pricing based on individual clients problems and the work required to answer all your questions satisfactorily.

Material Consulting Services (4 Hours Minimum):

  • On site: $150 per hour.   Off site: $250 per hour.

Normal analysis turnaround time for most tests is about two weeks. Our payment terms are net 30. After due date a 12% monthly interest charge is added.

Priority Testing Available at a 50% Surcharge.

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